What To Do With Glazed Armor Nail Sticker? Steps To Make Glazed Armor

- Mar 30, 2020-

Grind and grind the smooth nails into a rough surface with a file. Pay attention to the strength during the grinding process, otherwise the nails will become thin and the edges of the nails must be ground or they will easily fall off.


To apply a desiccant (binding agent), the desiccant is to remove excess water, and it is also good for subsequent gelation.


Need to use the fingerboard, Liulujia want to do the translucent, this can not be less. On the good scale, it sticks like the picture (as shown below). It should be noted that the paper tray must be stuck under the nail, not above the nail, and the scale must be correct.


Prepare double-sided tape and tin foil. The tin foil must be crumpled to make the texture of glass. Now just drag on the double-sided tape and stick the foil on it. Note that the bright side of the foil is facing up.


Choose a favorite extension gel color and start applying it. Generally, it is divided into two sides. It can make a gradual effect and the shape is easy to grasp. When applying the extension gel, the place where it meets the nails is slightly thicker and stronger. Some extension gels are relatively thin. When you go up, be careful not to let them flow everywhere.


Enter the UV lamp for 2 minutes and take it out

Follow the fifth step and apply the glue again after taking it out. You can make different shades of gradient. The main thing is to make the shape of the nails more beautiful.


Apply silver glitter gel for easy effect. Note that a little space is left near the edge of the nail, and do not contact the skin.


Put the silver gel into the UV lamp for 2 minutes


Applying a layer of transparent gel is mainly to proof the entire shape of the nails and fix it in the lamp for 2 minutes. Be careful not to be too thick, because the nails are already thick after the first two passes.

Remove the paper holder and the tin foil and sand it with a trowel.


Apply a sealer, which will make the nails more flashy and beautiful. Of course, you need to apply the sealer to the UV lamp for 2 minutes.