Temporary Tattoo Type

- Jan 05, 2019-

1. Painted tattoos, also called pen painting, that is, the tattoo artist directly with a special paint strokes.

2. Ouyang Wengang sticker tattoo, is to paste the existing map directly on their own skin, this retention time is not long, generally suitable for temporary occasions such as performances.

3. Scratching the tattoo, the operation process: cut the template tightly attached to the skin (must tighten), use a hard knife such as a trowel or a phone card to rub the potion in a white place (most Make it once, so as not to cause the pattern to be blurred by repeated scraping. After scraping, gently remove it from one side to the other. Wash the template again.

4. Inkjet tattoo, inkjet tattoos include: air pump, airbrush, matt color material, fine computer template, pen holder, gas line, stereotype liquid.