Temporary Tattoo Advantages

- Jan 08, 2019-

1. Temporary, all kinds of temporary tattoos can be kept on the body for 3 to 60 days, and the pattern can be changed at will according to personal preference;

2. Environmental protection, a variety of temporary tattoo pigments, non-toxic and harmless to the body, without any side effects, and contains a variety of natural plant extracts, customers can be assured of bold effects;

3. Diversity, temporary art tattoo templates cover people, animals, flowers, totems, cartoons and many other categories, customers choose a wide range of patterns;

4. Low-cost, temporary art tattoos and tattoos and art paintings have a great advantage in price, the cost of only a few yuan or less can enjoy the perfect body art, a great temptation for the vast number of consumers;

5. High quality, temporary art tattoo template used by professional temporary tattoo designers, engineers to complete, the template itself contains high artistic value;

6. Safety, traditional tattoos have certain damage to the skin, may cause many skin diseases, but temporary tattoos only make patterns on the surface of the skin, not through the cortex, for many people, including allergies Physically motivated people and adolescents are very suitable.