Tattoo Stickers Instructions

- Jan 31, 2019-

Generally, tattoo stickers are water transfer labels. If the pattern is square and there are not many protruding parts, the method is to clean the parts of the body to be tattooed, and then use the water to paste the back paper (called the bottom paper). Apply wet, or put the stick into the clear water, and when the color of the bottom paper becomes darker, that is, when the water penetrates, it can be attached. When attaching, attach the patterned side directly to the skin, use the nail to gently scrape the back of the pattern, and finally pull the bottom paper with your hand, let it slide down from the pattern, and then press it with a towel. One is to go to the water, and then to remove the bubbles, you can. Of course, if the pattern has many prominent parts, you should pull the bottom paper up, slow down, and see if there is any pattern that has been taken off. Just put it down and press it again.