Tattoo Sticker Precautions

- Feb 01, 2019-

First of all, the pigment composition of body painting is very complicated, so human skin does not have affinity for it, and the skin's contact with pigment dyes stimulates a toxic and immunoallergic reaction, namely allergic contact dermatitis. . Among the pigments used in tattoo coloring, red dyes are used, which contain cinnabar, that is, mercury, while yellow dyes contain more cadmium, black dyes contain more carbon or iron oxide, etc., which can cause allergic reactions in the skin. Redness and itching. However, allergic reactions are determined by people's physique. Some people stick tattoos and are safe and sound, and some people may develop dermatitis due to skin allergies.

In addition, the tattoo color stickers are mostly located in the exposed parts of the human body, otherwise it will be as boring as the night clothes. However, under the scorching sun, tattoo stickers can absorb ultraviolet rays like a condenser and burn the skin, which is unexpected for many people. Most of the boys and girls are painted on the front chest, arms, wrists, navel, etc. These parts that are facing the sun are easily sunburned. In the sun, the brighter the color of the color paste pattern, the more intense the color, the more the local skin will absorb more ultraviolet radiation, and the burn on the skin will be more powerful. In addition to the redness, burning, and tingling of the color paste, the surrounding skin will also be darker and peeled off. If you catch too much, it will cause infection, resulting in scarring and falling skin. If this phenomenon occurs, the skin is more red and swollen, should be quickly wetted with 3% of boric acid water with six or seven layers of gauze, and the calamine lotion is not too serious.

It is recommended that those with allergies should be cautious about this. Even those who are not allergic should be warned of tattoos in special circumstances such as when the sun is too strong. Don’t just make yourself cool. I can't smile.

According to media reports, tattoo stickers have been sampled in Taiwan for excessive plasticizers. In order to facilitate the adhesion of tattoo stickers to the skin, most of them contain plastic ingredients, but excessive plasticizers will damage the user's skin, especially children's skin, and even cause cancer.

Experts suggest that you should not let your child use such stickers. If you want to use them, the time should not be too long, and should be thoroughly cleaned immediately after use. Apply a small amount of alcohol or oil to the body. After a few seconds, wipe with a soft cloth and water. Then rinse with water. At the same time, the public should try to choose the stickers produced by regular manufacturers, and also avoid the use of children under the age of 3. If redness and allergies occur after use, they should be taken off quickly. In severe cases, they should go to the dermatology department for medical treatment.