Tattoo Sticker Elegant

- Jan 20, 2019-

Elegant chain-like tattoos look like a string of exquisite jewels, sticking to the skin, but definitely more affordable than real jewelry. The Chanel series of tattoos that caused this summer's hot, a set of 55 models, 78 US dollars, and RMB is only 500 yuan. Each one is correctly used, it is said that it can be kept for one week! This is not worth the cost of thousands of real jewels. More? Not afraid of "big head shrimp" one accidentally lost or scratched, the loss is heavy. When the Chanel sticker was first exposed in the background of the spring and summer fashion show in Paris, it immediately attracted a lot of supermodels to advance the "group purchase". The first batch of tattoos were snapped up in a surprise. The most straightforward use of this elegant chain tattoo is to replace the necklace, bracelet, and the neck, waist, wrist and thigh, so that the body swings more graceful.