Summer Manicure

- Feb 14, 2019-

First, apply nail polish before applying nail polish

The pigment in the nail polish is the main culprit for invading the nail and making the nail yellow and fragile. Therefore, before applying the beautiful nail polish, don't neglect to apply the nail polish first. It can protect the nail surface from being directly attacked by the pigment. If you like to apply nails every day, the base oil must not be ignored.

Second, no oil will make the nail surface vulnerable

The face oil can protect the surface of the nail polish, so that the patterns and patterns on the nail surface are not fragile. If you don't want the masterpiece to be scratched or damaged, the nail polish is a protective coat for nail polish.

Third, short armor is best to apply dark nail polish

Women with short nail shapes are better off giving up the idea of applying dark nail polish! The dark color has a visual contraction effect, it will only make the original short nails shorter, and the red nails will only make the fingers look thick. short.

Fourth, the color of the nail must be coordinated

Keeping the color of the nails on the hands and feet can leave an elegant and meticulous impression.

Fifth, don't underestimate the manicure tools

Don't underestimate the manicure tool, it can trim your nail shape, make it smooth, and lay the foundation for applying beautiful nail polish.