Nail Stickers, Popular Nail Art Gadgets That Stars Love

- May 30, 2019-

For the girl who pursues perfection, a small movement is the key to the success of the overall impression. The jade hand has a more stylish decoration, and all kinds of beautiful colors and colors are even more eye-catching than the gorgeous accessories.

However, if the shape of the nail is not perfect or it is natural and easy to break, it can only be achieved by sticking the nail piece, but it is also a no return. The beauty of the nail is also thinned. Sometimes it is busy, and it takes two hours to repair the nail. Very luxurious, also has a certain thickness, always uncomfortable, now don't worry, China's beautysticker completely solves this trouble.

The nail polish on the head is very convenient. You don't need to consider the painter and the painting tools, you can easily put it on the beautiful SHOW.

The metallic color is the hottest nail sticker. No matter the star or us, we like the blingbling thing. Maybe, the nail polish has not been done yet?

The plaid pattern will never be outdated, and the nail art pattern is also used, but if it is only by the manicurist, it is very difficult to be very neat. !

Doing a nail sticker at a nail salon in the United States or the United Kingdom costs about 40 pounds to 60 pounds. You can also buy a suit online at home DIY, and the price will be cheaper.

The pattern of nail stickers, each of which makes the tide people eager to try, metallic color is especially popular. A nail sticker that is a bit like a sticker improves the drawbacks of metallic nail polish. Usually, the fine nail polish will not fully exhibit the metallic texture. The metallic color sticker is a veritable nail for the nail.

In addition to going to the nail salon to make this nail patch, you can also DIY at home, directly attached to the nail, and then repair the nail shape with a nail or nail clipper according to your own shape. Also put the nail under the lamp and it will become soft when it is hot, and it will fall off with a tear! There are many brands that produce nail patch, but the most successful one is undoubtedly the beautysticker. This Hollywood star's favorite nail brand color pattern is so dazzling.