Nail Stickers It's Direct There's No More Trouble In Manicure

- Nov 22, 2019-

There must be a lot of people like me who like to change their fingernails regularly, but they don't want to go to the nail shop to toss it up. They also need to go to the unloading shop. It's too much trouble. So I share this lazy nail sticker with everyone. I asked my colleagues 3 times on the cheek of a blush: where was this made? As soon as I said it was pasted, it was only 17 dollar, so I went to buy the Beautysticker nail stickers, so I'll share this good manicure with you.

Say what a set of nail stickers contains. One set of nail stickers contains two large 10 finger nail stickers. In addition, there are rubbing strips and alcohol cotton, scissors and trial stickers. One set can be pasted with 3 to 4 hands, which is about 5 dollar per hand. It's really super cost-effective!

Don't talk much! Teach you how to stick out the perfect nails like me

① use the nail clipper to make the nail round or square, use the provided filigree to grind the edge, and cut the dead skin, which will be more beautiful

② wipe the nail surface with the sterilized alcohol cotton pad, and don't touch the nail surface again after wiping. I believe that fairies who have done nails know why

③ compare the nail stickers with the nails, take out the nail stickers and remove the transparent film, then tear them off and stick them on the nails

④ cut off the other half with scissors and stick it on the other hand, and then grind off the redundant nail stickers with a rubbing strip.

⑤ if you want to be more durable, you can apply sealant, pay attention to binding! Bake it once or twice with a nail lamp! It will last for 20 days. Don't ask me why I know, because that's what I do

Notes: (the lesson of blood and tears)

! do not fully paste the whole nail on the nail paste, otherwise it is not good for sealing, and it is easy to fall off when it is sealed on the hand!

Don't seal it too thick. It will hurt when baking. Don't ask me how to know.

If you want to see the specific use video, you can go to the Yincai nail paste shop to see the specific usage. This one is my favorite one with more than ten sets. It's very clear, very summer, and a little shy and cute.