Nail Fashion

- Mar 06, 2019-

Jolin Tsai said that if she didn't put her nails out, it would be like a whole body being stripped. And this wave of putting on nails began with Ayumi Hamasaki. When nail painting is still only the gadgets of Europeans and Americans, Ayumi Hamasaki was the first to use nail painting to connect with her own dressing. She discovered the secret between nail art and fashion, and even promoted the popularity of nail art in Japan. As a hall-level figure in the nail business, she is the third consecutive champion of the Japanese "Nail Art Queen". She is known as the artist who drives the nail art trend and knows how to match nails and fashion. Whether it's a summery candy-colored nail or a rhinestone intarsia, or a crystal manicure, she changes her color and fancy to attract followers. More and more people know that nail art is like a woman's second face, and only this one detail can change the eye and create a topic. Whether it is the transformation of Fukada Kyoko from cute to gorgeous, or the sexy and gorgeous style of sexy female artist Koda, who has not been advertised, it is necessary to add points by nail art.