Nail Art Classification

- Feb 19, 2019-

1. Nail pen painting: Use a special nail paint to paint illustrations on the nail surface.

2. Nail sketch: use nail polish and two-use art pen to sketch a simple and beautiful pattern.

3. Nail painting: With the inkjet printer and special inkjet paint, the effect of various gradient colors is sprayed on the nail surface.

4. Patch A: With the special glue for nails, the full or half-stick piece is attached to the surface of the nail, which results in a slender shape, and the shortcoming is poor.

5. Crystal A: With crystal powder, crystal liquid makes a beautiful shape. Crystal A originated in Hollywood. It is characterized by a strong texture and is resistant to breakage.

6. Phototherapy Resin A: It is a replacement product of Crystal A. It is colorless and odorless and contains no chemical substances. It is a kind of nail that uses a UV to polymerize natural resin on the surface of a real nail to create a tough, shiny nail. It not only does not hurt the real nails, but also increases the nail strength. As long as the nail repair is done every two to three weeks, it will continue to have a beautiful, crystal-clear nail. Even if it is applied with ordinary nail polish on a regular basis, the nail polish will be because With the resin base, it becomes easy to fall off and is easy to take care of.

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