Low Carbon Jewelry, High-profile Sexy Tattoo Stickers

- Jan 18, 2019-

Even the ladies of Chanel will boldly put their tattoos on their hands and feet? So who else will say that tattoos are a symbol of bad girls? What's more, these cute patterns don't have to endure the pain of the flesh and the risk of tattoos being difficult to elute. It’s easy to get rid of it at any time, and I don’t like it for a few days to wash it off. It’s really convenient. The big name Chanel is the one that drives the 2013 tattoo. In its 2013 spring and summer fashion show, Lafayette, in addition to let the models go to the farmland pastoral show, there are more interesting attempts. It is said that Peter Philips, the creative director of Chanel's global make-up, said: "Karl Lagerfeld had the idea of 'small tricks on the body in spring and summer' at the end of the last season's fashon show. It must be interesting and extremely attractive. In line with the elegant style of the brand." So, Chanel combines the two extremes of the tattoo and the original pearl to design a tattoo sticker with jewelry and bird patterns. A set of 55 models, but 78 dollars, is really good and cheap, attached to the body, do not need more expensive jewelry, can emit the highest level of sexy.

The tattoo technology is water transfer technology. The material is mainly composed of water-to-paper, environmentally friendly ink, environmentally friendly glue and laminating film. After printing the finished product, the pattern on the bottom paper can be transferred to the skin or other items with a small amount of water. on.

Tattoo stickers can be divided into positive transfer water transfer tattoo stickers, reverse water transfer tattoo stickers according to their production process;

According to its color process, it can be divided into monochrome, spot color and four colors;

According to its display effect, it can be divided into color onion tattoo stickers, luminous tattoo stickers, floral tattoo stickers;

According to the body parts can be divided into head tattoo stickers, neck tattoo stickers, back tattoo stickers, chest tattoo stickers, shoulder tattoo stickers, abdominal tattoo stickers, hip tattoo stickers, hand tattoo stickers, foot tattoo stickers.

According to its shape, it can be divided into animal totem tattoo, flower butterfly tattoo, geometric tattoo tattoo, character portrait tattoo and so on.