How To Use Nail Stickers?

- Nov 14, 2019-

Tools: nail stickers, nail stubs


Trim and clean the nails, handle the edges and polish the nail surface;

Step2. Compare your fingers with the manicure, choose the manicure that is the most suitable for your nails, rather small than large;

Step3. Uncover the transparent coating of the nail sticker; 

Step4. Stick the nail sticker to the nail; 

Step5. Press it properly to make it fit;

Step6. Press down the redundant nail sticker at the front end, and some light and thin stickers can be cut off by the nail directly; 

Step7. Use the rubbing strip to grind off the redundant part of the edge; 

Step8. Gently pull off the redundant part; Step9. Smooth the edge and press it. 

Step10. Complete.