How To Use Eyebrow Tattoo Stickers

- Mar 23, 2020-

Find the eyebrow position, refer to the midline, and pay attention to the symmetry.


Make sure that the eyebrow points (A1) and (A2) are kept on a horizontal line as much as possible.


The dotted line of the left (A1 ~ B1) and right (A2 ~ B2) eyebrows coincides with the horizontal line or rises slightly. You can refer to the online eyebrow test of thrush artifact as appropriate.

Note: The angle of the eyebrows and tails should be small when the eyes are lowered, and the angle of the eyebrows and tails can be appropriately increased when the eyes are raised. Fine-tuning can obtain the best results.


Using the adapter card can increase the symmetry of the left and right eyebrows, 75% of people are suitable for 0 ~ 4 degrees. The black dots on the eyebrows and eyebrows coincide with the black dots on the adapter card, and the outer edges are aligned with the angle line (different colors represent different angles).

Note: The high and low eyebrows and the left and right eyebrows are not asymmetrical. It is not recommended to use the adapter card, which needs to be adjusted according to the specific situation.