Grab The New Product #BEAUTYSTICKER Nail Sticker

- May 20, 2019-

Age-reducing nails - For those who don't want to spend time in nail shops and like novelty, nail stickers are a new choice. BEAUTYSTICKER nail stickers allow me to have different patterns for each nail, and it is easy to operate and effortless. The sealant can make the nail effect last longer. After sticking it, apply the sealant glue and then use the nail lamp for a while. When it is completely dry, the effect will be the same as the phototherapy nail made by the nail shop. There are no problems for three weeks.

It uses a small flaw to wipe the nails with the supplied alcohol cotton before sticking, which can increase the fit of the nail sticker. I used to be lazy and didn't use alcohol cotton to wipe it. The effect is not lasting, so be sure to follow the steps carefully.

Like this complicated pattern, it is really difficult to paint yourself. Fortunately, I have a BEAUTYSTICKER nail sticker. Different sizes can be chosen, the pattern is matched reasonably, and your own nail fashion is created. I feel that this is very futuristic and the rate of return is high.