Cute Tattoo Sticker

- Jan 22, 2019-

A swallow behind the ear strikes, a bird flies in the necklace between the clavicle, and a pair of jewels on the finger. These delicate and independent smaller patterns are tattooed, you can let them fly over your body. The sexiest part, the clavicle, the arm, the fingers, the cheekbones, the back of the ear... Anyway, it's convenient and fast, you just need to use your creativity to find the "excellent place" that is the most different from others. This is one of the tattoos that is better than jewelry. It can be used anywhere in the skin to achieve unexpected effects. Fan Xiaotong, size S, likes tattoos very much, and has a special logo on the wrist and neck. Although you are not a star, you can of course use a quick tattoo to make a surprise. Of course, you can also use the tattoo on the outside of your skin with scars, cleverly cover up, and make the scars beautiful. This is also a clever attempt.