Free Sample 2020 Beauty Stickers 3D Nail

Process embodiment
3D solid stamping metallic
3D solid imitation diamond
Combination of multiple processes
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Product Details

Make 3D solid effects clearly and easily visible on thin nail stickers, as like diamonds on it.

Apply the stamping metallic process to nail stickers to showing 3D effect.

Combination of multiple processes, create a luxurious nail art experience.

How To use:

1.Clean the grease on the nail surface.
2. To Polish the edges of the fingers with the rough surface of the nail file,to make them smooth, then use the fine surface of the nail file to polish the surface of the nails.
3.To Select the nail sticker with the right size of the nail, then peel it off separately, remove the surface protective film, then remove the colored nail sticker.
4.Align the fingernail, stick the nail sticker on the surface of the nails, then use your fingers to push the nails from the middle of the nails,to make the surface smooth and flat.
5.Use the nail file to polish the excess parts along the edge of the nail.
6. Remove directly, or clean nail surface with alcohol cotton to remove residual viscose.

how to use

3D nail sticker

Nail sticker

nail wraps

3D nail wraps

nail art sticker


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