Whenever economic development enters a downward phase, someone will always mention the lipstick effect

- Feb 26, 2021-

Whenever economic development enters a downward phase, someone will always mention the "lipstick effect". 

As a non-essential item at a low price, in the extraordinary period when everyone is holding their pockets tightly to spend money, "lipstick" can not only be affordable by ordinary people, but also can satisfy the consumption desires of most women. It can be regarded as an extraordinary period. Effective placebo.   

This also means that in the economic downturn, people still have luxury consumption needs, but they will prefer relatively low-priced categories.   

However, under the dual pressure of the epidemic and the economy, the "lipstick effect" suddenly failed. Not only lipsticks, but also the similar beauty industry sales have also fallen successively, continuing to create new lows in various industries. The reason is self-evident. After all, this year's situation is special. The behavior of wearing masks when going out has become the norm in people's lives. They can't even see each other's faces. Lipstick has indeed become a tasteless product.   

In fact, not only the business of lipstick shops in major shopping malls has not been interested recently, but the introduction of lipstick numbers and other related content has been greatly reduced.    Although the lipstick and beauty industry downturn is an indisputable fact, does this mean that the "lipstick effect" has failed? Of course this is not the case. In fact, the "lipstick effect" is still effective, it is just a different form.   

In fact, when the use of lipstick has been greatly reduced, nail art has succeeded in becoming a substitute and opened up another dimension for women to show their beauty. Obviously, most women who love beauty recently have turned their attention to the hands that can be displayed normally, which also explains why the nail industry is the most prosperous after the epidemic.   


This makes the lady who had to wear full face makeup before going out, basically don't care about the bottom half of the face too much, just focus on the top half of the face and hands, which are mainly eyes. This also means that companies such as nail art and eyelashes have ushered in a new wave of opportunities.   

And "How do you sell beauty products in an era when you can't see your face?" Obviously, there are new answers to the question. Since masks cannot be beautiful on your face, let's change the angle to make your hands beautiful! 


In fact, an epidemic not only caused economic recession, but also changed the pattern of all walks of life. Many companies may fail in the future, but those companies that can persist until the end of the epidemic are destined to show off and usher in greater opportunities, and this also brings new opportunities for people to invest.

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