Newly Improved 4D Hair-Like Authentic Tattoo Eyebrow

- Mar 09, 2021-


  • Latest Improvements:Based on feedbacks from a large number of customers,we have carefully optimized the size and shape of the eyebrows,so the length of a single eyebrow is between 59mm-64mm and the thickness is between 8mm-10mm.The appearance has been carefully improved to make it look more realistic and beautiful!Using the exclusive improved technology,there is hardly redundant around the eyebrows to affect its authenticity and aesthetics.

  • Applicable People & Warning --- Suitable for who have few eyebrows or no eyebrows,makeup lovers or beauty blogger like to try new eyebrow shapes,not suitable for ladies with thick eyebrows.Do not apply to sensitive skin.And easy to apply and remove.Easily removed by rubbing makeup remover,makeup remover oil,makeup remover cotton,body oil.

  • 77 Pairs Imitation Eyebrows:Only one eyebrow style BROWN-04,one package includes 7 sheets eyebrow stickers,one sheet has 11 pairs eyebrows with 11 different sizes.Using high-definition digital printing to make each eyebrow clearer and the color more realistic.Meet different requirements according to your preference.

  • Safe & Easy to Locate & Durable --- Unlike cosmetic tattooing and permanent embroidery,our brows cause absolutely no harm or wounds to skin,made of waterproof pigments,not easy to fall off and fade,even staying up to 3-5 days if use properly.The back of each eyebrow sticker have the same eyebrow shape,can be compared to find a suitable position and present best effect when the eyebrow tattoo is attached.How to use is detailed in the description below the product.

  • Buy With Confidence:Our eyebrow fake tattoos are backed by a MONEY-BACK & SATISFIED GUARANTEE,your satisfaction is our priority.Get it for fun!Any questions you can always contact us.IF you have favorite eyebrow,We can also help you tailor to make you a more Unique Person.