Nail sticker structure

- Jan 07, 2019-

level one

The first layer is peeled off and applied to the nails. The process includes printing color patterns, bronzing, printing onion powder, hot laser, sticky diamond, sticky flowers, flocking, hollowing, etc.; early nail paste is mainly water transfer, It is used in the same way as the water-transfer tattoo sticker. It needs to pass the water to fit the nail. This is the longest time, usually up to 10 days and above. If properly protected, it can reach 30 days. With the continuous improvement of the process Gradually, various effects have been applied, metal effects, shiny onion powder effect, laser effect, velvet effect, three-dimensional diamond effect, 2D 3D foaming effect, hollowing effect, luminous, temperature change, photochromism, The color change in water, etc., has been mastered by our country.

Second floor

The second layer is the base paper, which is the substrate for the nail sticker. The basic choice for mass production is transparent PET or white release photographic paper, which will be discarded after use. As we all know, PET\Photo Paper is related to the petroleum raw materials we rely on to survive. How to save the use, in the fashion and beauty, more environmentally friendly, low-carbon, green, in the highly developed manufacturing industry in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, a nail The company's innovation has developed a substrate-free nail sticker and tattoo sticker, which effectively reduces the use of chemical materials. Their nail sticker raw materials are all made of green, non-irritating, non-toxic materials for humans and skin. The international testing company detects and tests eight major heavy metals, 6P, TRA, etc. At the same time, they use packaging products, promotional materials, as much as possible with recycled materials, can use paper, do not use plastic; this also becomes us The direction of nail sticker and beauty industry development is worthy of consideration.