Nail polish

- Jan 22, 2019-

1. Classification: The nail oil is divided into ordinary type and quick drying type.

2. Usage: A. Dark nail polish coating method: Dark nail polish should not be applied too much at a time, otherwise it will be thick and uneven. Apply 2-3 times, each time thinner, the effect will be better. B. Coating method of light-colored nail polish: The use of light-colored nail polish series such as pink is easy to expose uneven traces of application. When applying the first layer, special attention should be paid to the amount of nail polish and the inclination of brush nail polish. It is very important to apply the second layer as soon as the first layer is dry. C. Pearlized nail polish coating method: Pearlized nail polish is easy to dry, draw a little more nail polish on the brush and apply it as soon as possible. Otherwise it will appear uneven, so the brush should be used upright. To avoid the traces left, first apply both sides and then apply the middle.

3. Note: When applying nail polish, do not apply to the finger skin. On the nail ditch, it will become dirty and messy. Secondly, it will affect the nail's breathing.