Nail must-have items

- Jan 27, 2019-

Base oil: transparent or milky white, used before nail polish to enhance the adhesion of nail polish.

Nail polish: Contains dark pigment and is used as needed.

Softening cream: usually contains glycerin, which can remove the aging cuticle and keep the skin moisturized for massage and dry hands.

Bleach: Contains hydrogen peroxide or citric acid to remove stains from crystal nails.

Nail Polish Diluent: For diluting thicker nail polish, do not use nail polish instead.

Nail Essence: Makes natural nails stronger and replaces the base oil in foot care.

Nail Polish: Used to soften the skin around the nails, helping to remove cracked natural nails and sanding crystal nails.

Bright oil: Used to protect nail polish and keep it shiny. The thicker the varnish, the longer the drying time and the higher the gloss.

Nail Skin Softener: Softens the nail skin.

In addition, because professional nails require strict aseptic operation, such as disposable paper towels, cotton balls, scrapers, 75% alcohol, hemostatic towels, antibacterial agents, baking soda, fungicides, rust inhibitors, etc. are essential of.