Nail foundation repair

- Jan 01, 2019-

Grooming nails

The first is to remove the old nail polish. Use a cotton dipped in nail polish remover and wipe it from the bottom of the nail to the tip several times to remove it completely. Then use a manicure tool to trim the shape of the nail. When finished, immerse your hands in soapy water to make the outer skin soft. Wipe your fingers and fingers with a towel. If necessary, the internal puncture of the nail root and the uneven skin can be removed with a skin scissors and a small tweezers.

Apply nails to the nails first. In addition to applying grease or cream to the nails and roots, apply a protective layer to the nails. The nail polish should be shaken before applying the nail polish to maximize the color of the bottle.

Choose a color

The color of nail polish is rose red, red, flesh, bean paste, silver and so on. At present, the most popular nail polish is translucent pink and beige, and light nail polish is the most fashionable today. Nail polish can be arbitrarily colored. You don't have to buy a lot of nail polish to cope with the change of color of the clothing. You only need to buy a few main colors, and the original color at hand, with overlapping color matching or partition color matching. When you apply nail polish, you will receive unexpected results.

When overlapping color matching, you can apply a layer of high-color bright color, and then apply a layer of space color filled with pearl texture, which can create another color effect.