Nail damage

- Jan 03, 2019-

Can damage nails and cause nail stripping nail bed

Nail art can damage nails and nail beds, causing nail damage, and even the separation of the nails and the underlying nail bed skin, and the occurrence of nail stripping, which eventually leads to the shortening of the nail bed (the part where the nails and meat are connected) is not worth the candle.

An industry insider pointed out that in fact, in some informal nail shops, there are cases of "true and false mixed use", and many nail polishes are highly imitation and very toxic.

Nail is actually a protein. When a protein encounters harmful organic substances, it will be denatured or even necrotic. It may not be seen in the short term, but if the nail polish is applied for a long time, the surface of the nail will definitely become uneven and rough. Therefore, nail polish is still corrosive to nails.

There are also many people who have done nail art. After doing the perfect nail, the nails and the nail bed underneath are slowly separated, even pits and arcs are lost.

In recent years, the popular crystal nails, many women change the fake nails as often as changing clothes. Because the crystal nail adhesive is too corrosive, the nail is weakly deformed; it sticks to the nail, so that the nail is mechanically pulled for a long time; when the crystal nail is attached, the nail is thinned, and the long fake nail is attached, and the nail is added. The friction, together with the chemical stimulation of the adhesive and nail polish, makes the nail easy to damage and peel off. Therefore, many women who have made nails have separated the nail bed, and the nails are peeled off from the nail bed.

According to the British "Daily Mail" report, frequent nail art will make nails inflamed, nail bed bleeding, and even rashes and more serious skin diseases.

A nail art lover from the UK often uses acrylic paint, and now her nails are deeply hurt, and the nails become jagged and thin. In addition to the health benefits of acrylic paints, UV light that strengthens nails when gel nails and nails are healthy killers. A 61-year-old woman used nail gel for long-term use, and some women even had symptoms such as nail loss and nail bed bleeding.

According to medical experts, nails threaten the health of nails and even cause permanent damage to nail beds.