Nail color

- Feb 28, 2019-


Wine red is a universal nail polish, and anyone who paints it will be very beautiful. It has a dark color and can hide the scars of the nails, making the skin look whiter. Even if you don't have jewelry, you can show your femininity.

Tip: The shape of the nail should be oval or square; the wine red shows the mature and elegant beauty, it is recommended that you spray the perfume.

Pink it exudes a romantic atmosphere, showing a lovely girly taste, don't forget to wear a cute jewelry when you use it. To be romantic, you should wear a matte, transparent accessory.

Tip: Because pink is light color, it will make the nail appear rough and uneven after use. Therefore, the surface of the nail should be smoothed to show the luster. The matching of pink nail polish is the strongest, any slim and delicate design. All are suitable.


Dark green is very suitable for girls with short nails, giving them a feeling of Cool. If you want to show your personality, don't miss this color. It is well matched with folk style dresses and is perfect for leather or handmade jewellery.

Tip: In order not to make the skin tone too dull, apply this color of nail polish, preferably with a bright color top; too long nails are not suitable for ink green, it will give people a sick, dirty feeling, must Cut the nail short, slightly longer than the finger 0.2 cm.

Bright green with pearly bright green and futuristic, will make your fingertips brighter, suitable for rice, coffee, grey clothing and jewelry.

Tip: I want to emphasize the beauty of bright green nails, preferably with elegant tops; people with thin nails or knuckles, which are best for bright green nail polish. But don't forget to rub the nail polish to prevent the nails from turning yellow.


This is a futuristic color that expresses the modern urban beauty more than silver eye color and color. Apply silver nail polish, and match the necessary silverware, the color is more uniform, if you can match the pearl color makeup, it is more balanced.

Tip: Because the silver nail polish adds pearl particles, it is easy to smudge it. To make it beautiful, the order of smearing is very important. It may be necessary to apply twice, the first time you can apply the right side, then the middle, then the left side; the second time you should first apply the left side, then the middle and right side.

Ice blue is an absolute summer color. If you match the same color jewelry, the effect will be even better.

Tip: Do a good job of whitening your fingers, restore the transparent texture of your hands, and emphasize the whiteness of your hands. If you don't have time to do your hands, apply iced blue nail polish and apply silvery nail polish. Can make your hands white.