Nail art pattern

- Feb 25, 2019-

1. Gold bow beautiful nail pattern

The golden manicure, the shining light is beautiful, the pure bow on the index finger, sweet and cute, the lady's style is unveiled, very good. Shining and warm golden nails, the bow pattern on the top is very beautiful, and the sweet wind is exposed at the fingertips, making you the focus.

2. Watermelon beautiful nail art pattern

The pure and sweet watermelon pattern has a cool feeling of wood. It feels like bringing us back to the summer, shining the unique light of watermelon, and feeling fresh and fresh. The small fresh and lovely watermelon manicure pattern feels back to the summer, with a beautiful and beautiful nail pattern that is sweet and lovely.

3. Colored beads beautiful nail art pattern

Colorful beads, beautiful, colorful and colorful, very eye-catching, giving people a sense of youthful vitality, the temptation of fingertips colorful, you can stand it? Very beautiful, showing a unique colorful.

4. Heart-shaped exquisite nail art pattern

Looking at the heart shape on the nail, what did you think of? Bride? Couple? Feeling very love, beautifully shining nails, inlaid with heart shape and some crystal clear beads, exquisite yet sweet.

5. Striped beautiful nail art pattern

The stripe pattern is also popular with many MMs. Look, the black and white stripes on the fingertips are interlaced, showing a low-key luxury, the unique crystal white design of the ring finger, beautiful, unique and beautiful nail art pattern.