Bubble bowl

- Feb 19, 2019-

Bubble bowl

1. Classification: There are two types of hand-made bowls: imported and domestic. The professional hand-washing bowl should be just the shape of a hand. Place the hand on the top to match the shape of the bowl.

2. How to use: Pour the hand soap or warm water into the bubble bowl, soak the left hand first, then change the right hand after five minutes, which can clean the nails and soften the finger skin.

3. Note: Do not put cold water and too hot water in the bowl.

Finger softener

A finger softener is a milky white liquid that accelerates softening.

1. How to use: Dry the soaked hands with a towel and apply the softener evenly on the nail surface.

2. Note: Do not apply softener to the nail cover to prevent the nail cover from being softened.