American finger self-study

- Mar 03, 2019-

Manicure means pointing to yourself

If you want to have a slim jade finger, you can go to the nail art, let the special person do the work, and serve you diligently, but the consumption of tens of yuan each time is unbearable. Or because the work is busy, there is no time to go out, then, as long as you master the easy-to-learn manicure, you can watch TV at home while manicuring. Today, the nail art has become fashionable, and the local emerging one-stop DIY manicure and the US finger service center, this new concept originated from Japan and South Korea. The DIY Manicure Center, named "Tsuya Tsuya" (Japanese, meaning "shiny and shiny"), was opened at the bottom of the Isetan Department Store at the West Main Square at the end of last year, selling various products of the Manicure. Provide DIY services.

Zhang Xiuzhi, who has a number of nail counters in Malaysia, said: "It's better to do it than to serve others. Every time a customer buys the same product in the store, the salesperson will demonstrate the usage. Despite the basic manicure, we find that many Singaporean women still I don't know how to do it myself, and I don't use these tools." "The benefits of DIY are of course to save money." Zhang Xiuzhi said, "Go to the nail center practice nail art, each charge is tens of dollars. If you do nail art (nail Art), put a rhinestone (diamond imitation) embellishment, each charge a dollar or two, if you buy a pack of more than 20 to play, less than 13 yuan, accidentally done wrong, will not heartache." The advantage of DIY is that it saves time and money, and that practice makes perfect. If you don't like it, you can correct it immediately.

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