2020 Eyebrow Tattoo Sticker

Suitable for professional use or home use.
Safe Material With Eco Friendly Technique
Very Easy To Use

Product Details

3D imitation ecological waterproof eyebrows

Instructions for use: Place the 3D eyebrows in the desired area. Wet the paper with a small amount of water. Slowly peel and finish.

eyebrow tattoo stickers

eyebrow tattoos

eyebrow stickers

eyebrow sticker

eyebrow temporary tattoos

eyebrow temporary stickers

eyebrow temporary tattoo stickers

temporary eyebrow tattoos

temporary eyebrow tattoos

Fill and outline your eyebrows, sometimes even your eyebrows on both sides are asymmetrical, now, use our 3D sticky eyebrows to create the most natural full eyebrow in a second! These are water-based eyebrow stickers-just dip them in water and stick to your body to wear them immediately to create 3D and hair-like eyebrows with the ideal eyebrow shape. No professional makeup skills are required! Once it sticks, it will become waterproof and stain-proof, and the effect is up to 7 days! These stickers blend seamlessly with your own skin and can perfectly solve sparse or lightweight problems, so no one has discovered your little secret! Features: Stick-on eyebrow stick can be used immediately to create full, natural eyebrows with ideal eyebrow shape. No professional makeup skills are required. 3D hair-like texture with a hair-like and natural eyebrow appearance. Feel free to re-use after immersing in water, and re-stick when they start to loosen (appropriate maintenance). Perfect eyebrow shape We offer 20 eyebrow shapes to suit all facial contours. Sharp bows, soft curves and even straight curves can make your face more perfect. Easy to apply makeup Even when you apply an eyebrow pencil to change the eyebrow color or apply base makeup / makeup remover around the eyebrows, it should remain firm. Painless but realistic! Just wear it to get professional without any painful surgery or eyebrow embroidering. 

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